Warranty service

Detailed information on how to handle service requests, including how to distinguish between a legitimate (free) and illegitimate (paid) service request, is described in the Regulations (you can download it below):

The complaint can be submitted in the form below or sent to the following e-mail address The complaint is effective if you send the necessary data according to the attached form (download the form) and receive an automatic e-mail feedback.

In the case of products covered by a non-standard warranty of ControlTec sp. z o.o. (on the basis of written contractual arrangements beyond the standard complaint service regulations, in particular if response time to service request is other than described in the Regulations), request by e-mail or by application form may be insufficient. In this case, the non-standard complaint procedure agreed upon contractually between the parties should be followed.

Complaint form

    Note: Use the name specified on the rating plate of the machine (If delivered), the description on the control cabinet supplied by Controltec or the name specified on the design documentation.

    Tick if:
    The name of the requesting company is consistent with the name of the plant in which the product is located

    Tick if:
    The product is located at the address of the requesting company

    Note: Specify what is not working properly, what are the symptoms and consequences and under what conditions the problem occurs.

    The maximum size of a single file is 5 MB. The acceptable file extensions are: .jpg .jpeg .png .avi .mov .mp4 .wmv

    ControlTec Sp. z o.o. (50-512 Wrocław, ul. Tarnogajska 11-13) shall be the Personal Data Controller. The data entered in the complaint form will be processed for service execution purposes.