Mobile robot with UV-C lamps

The mobile robot with UV-C sterilisation lamps is ControlTec immediate response to the coronavirus pandemic. Based on many years of experience and knowledge of our engineers as well as the achievements of medicine, we have developed a breakthrough solution.

We have combined a mobile platform with a system of 16 UV-C lamps to achieve a robot which can automatically, safely, effectively and quickly disinfect rooms and protect them from bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms.

Safer than traditional solutions – Thanks to remote robot management, workers do not have to enter “dirty” rooms or zones and do not come into contact with radiation.

Faster and more effective disinfection – The robot disinfects faster than traditional solutions. It cleans up to 5 rooms 40 square metres each within an hour.

The cheapest standalone disinfection robot on the market – High quality at a fair price. The UV-C ControlTec robot is the cheapest solution of this type currently available on the market.

Proven in action – The UV-C ControlTec robot has already proven itself in a highly demanding environment. It has been used, inter alia, in the isolation hospital in Wrocław in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. This is the first hospital to use the services of a Polish robot of this type.

Its great advantage is that it is equipped with room scanning and mapping technology so that it can move freely in any space and avoid obstacles.

The UV-C ControlTec robot has passed all the required tests and has obtained an EC declaration of conformity and a CE marking. The effectiveness and lifespan of UV lamps, and thus the effectiveness of the sterilisation system, is confirmed by tests carried out by the manufacturer and independent research units.

The UV-C activity against viruses is confirmed by a number of laboratory tests while its activity against bacteria is confirmed by microbiological tests.

The UV-C Robot is compliant with    



Industrial facilities

Warehouse and logistics halls

Distribution centres

Health care

Hospital rooms and corridors

Medical centres


Public buildings

Office rooms

Offices and bank outlets

Schools and kindergartens

Shopping centres

Main features of the robot

  • 16 lamps emitting UV-C radiation
  • Up to 3 hours battery life
  • Wireless control of the robot indoors
  • Possibility of creating maps of rooms and zones intended for sterilisation
  • Automatic loading (optional)
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive application adapted and configured to customer needs

Instructions for use:

1. The operator calls the UV-C Robot and prepares it for operation

2. The operator opens the room door and confirms the safety checklist

3. The UV-C Robot enters the room

4. The operator closes the door and initiates the remote disinfection process

5. The UV-C Robot disinfects the room

6. The UV-C Robot notifies the operator of the task completion and turns off the lamps

7. The UV-C robot leaves the room

8. The operator turns off the lamp system. The UV-C Robot is ready to disinfect the next room