Conference stand for serving whisky

Conference stand for serving whisky


The project was intended to present the competence of the team of engineers engaged in the design of automation systems for industrial plants.

Scope of works:

  • Technological design of whisky containers and dispensing systems
  • Mechanical design of the robotic whisky dispensing station
  • Mechanical design of the mobile robot built-up
  • ICA design of the whisky stand
  • ICA design of the mobile robot built-up
  • Dispensing station controller software
  • Dedicated HMI panel software
  • Industrial robot software
  • Mobile robot software
  • Prefabrication and mechanical assembly of the robotic station
  • Prefabrication and assembly of the mobile robot built-up components
  • Prefabrication of measurement and control cabinets
  • Complete assembly of the robot station
  • Launch of the stand, including the mobile robot algorithm software in the hotel's conference room

We wanted to show our engineering skills in a practical way and with tongue in cheek. In this project, we used the competences of mechanical designers (design of whisky containers, robot station from foundation to the safety system), automation engineers (work software for 6-axis robot barman and mobile robot waiter) and electrical engineers.

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Implementation details:

The client used the panel to choose which out of 3 different types of whisky to dispense to which glasses. The barman robot handled the order. After the whisky was dispensed into glasses, the waiter robot initiated its pre-programmed travel to distribute the whisky around the room. When all the glasses were dispensed (the sensor system reads the state of the robot’s tray), the waiter robot returned to the counter to handle the next order.

The waiter robot had a built-in safety system to be able to move around in the crowd without the risk of bumping into people.

  1. Installation based on Siemens controller
  2. Barman robot: Kawasaki
  3. Waiter robot: Omron